Reconstruction - Building Renovations

The reconstruction and renovation of buildings is becoming more and more demanding in the Greek market. Our company is ready to offer you the reconstruction of any type of building or premises regardless of their initial functionality.

Our company offers specialised services and flexible solutions of reconstructions, renovations and building formations, hotel units, offices and professional spaces, having multiple years of experience in completing and delivering complicating and demanding projects regarding their specifications and time schedules.

During the reconstruction phase, a lot of crucial factors are taken into consideration as the deterioration of the building, the technical state of the building’s structural elements, the size of the available investment, the time needed for the suggested reconstruction and more.

Having long-term and experienced partners with compiled expertise in the construction sector, we configure and change your building, leading it to a completely different view, internally and externally, based on the clients specific needs. Our company’s reconstruction services guarantee the usage of advanced techniques, distinguished for their contemporary aesthetics, using state-of-the-art technologies and always based on affordable budgets.