Energy Class Upgrade - Green Buildings

Our company, having specialized personnel and partners at its disposal, follows all the developments of bioclimatic designing, aiming at perfect energy efficiency in constructions and energy upgrade of buildings and professional spaces, aiming at the creation of Green Buildings.

A “green” building is a building that, during its designing, its construction, or function, decreases or eliminates the negative consequences and on the contrary, it creates positive consequences for the climate and our natural environment. Green buildings maintain precious natural resources and increase our life quality.

During the energy upgrade of buildings, the modifications that you can complete for the exterior and interior of your residence, saving energy and money, are:

1. Thermal Insulation of the building’s external facades
2. Thermal and Water Insulation of the roof
3. Upgrade of the heating and cooling systems
4. Replacement of Frames
5. Installation of Solar Thermal Systems
6. Installation of Photovoltaic Systems
7. Installation of Shades
8. Internal and External Colouring of the residence