Ergodynamiki knows how to bring your building to life, following the time schedule, always in the most affordable construction costs.

Ergodynamiki offers complete services of integrated design, supervision and construction of residences, touristic accommodations and hotel units, as well as professional and commercial spaces, always having in mind the combination of qualitative and affordable innovative suggestions and solutions.

Counting on the expertise and experience of our partners network, we collaborate and we adjust to the requirements and needs of all clients, always following the time schedule, and always based on affordable budgeting, maintaining excellent quality of construction. Our high quality and professional completion of all our services is guaranteed through using the most advanced technologies of designing and construction in Greece, the strict selection of all the materials used, the total control of all the stages of the project, coordinating all the relevant authorities and supervising the projects in all of its steps.

Ergodynamiki provides a complete strategy with realistic time schedule and strict budgeting for your project, offering the ideal balance of quality and price, being sustainability oriented, suggesting and materializing the most contemporary solutions for your project’s energy efficiency.

We deliver complete projects, constructed based on the architectural analysis and specifications that have been set, ensuring the adherence to the budget and following the preset time schedule, always maintaining high quality of construction.